Sarah Deakin


Sarah explores themes of identity and loss. Drawing upon memories of her own altered state of consciousness and disassociation, she uses her work as a place to hide, challenge her existence and appease her past. Using photographs as a starting point, Sarah works using memory, imbuing her work with a sense of unease and detachment. She is interested in the interplay between humans and landscape, their boundaries, erosion, renewal, suffocation and rebirth. Discarded buildings, decay and abandoned construction. Waste ground containing the footprints of demolished buildings, themes of scarring and ghosts. Negative spaces, cracks, creases, shadows. Absence and disappearance. Sarah investigates her relationship with landscape, linking her own personal migration to the abandonment of the past. Her sense of rootlessness and disconnection is examined within the decay and neglect of her current location, the process of which alters her own internal landscape, shifting her consciousness and her connection with the present.

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