Nigel Stone

Nigel Stone

Nigel is primarily a storyteller often combining photography and writing using photographs as a starting point for a story, or as a way to illustrate it. The work reflects his interest in the concept of borders, boundaries and gateways; both geographical and metaphorical. In particular, Nigel is interested in the places where these boundaries break down.  In life, he describes himself as a superstitious scientist, and the work is  blending the physical sciences, and the mystical. Nigel’s prose is influenced by the Magical Realist movement, traditional fairy tales, myths, legends, and the works of genre writers such as Neil Gaiman, J.G Ballard and Clive Barker; as well as scientific work being carried out in theoretical physics. He occasionally uses  ’cut up’ method of writing, in order to search out the unconscious meanings, hidden in the words I have written.
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