This section includes a growing collection of quotes, books, links, artists which/who inspire us in our research individually and therefore will somehow contextualise what we do together …

“An environment becomes fully visible only when it has been superseded by a new environment; thus we are always one step behind in our view of the world. The present is always invisible […] everyone is alive in an earlier day.” /Marshall McLuhan/

“We now know enough about how memories are stored and retrieved to demolish another long-standing myth: that memories are passive or literal recordings of reality … we do not store judgement-free snapshots of our past experiences but rather hold on to the meaning, sense, and emotions these experiences provided us.” – /Daniel L. Schacter/

“…the results of modern physics have opened up two very different paths for scientists to pursue. They may lead us -to put it in extreme terms- to the Buddha or to the bomb” /Fritjof Capra-The Tao Of Physics/

“Because if it’s not Love
Then it’s the bomb, the bomb, the bomb,
the bomb, the bomb, the bomb, the bomb
That will bring us together” /The Smiths/

‘I busied myself to think of a story … one which would speak to the mysterious fears of our nature, and awaken thrilling horror – one to make the reader dread to look round, to curdle the blood, and quicken the beatings of the heart. …. I felt that blank incapacity of invention which is the greatest misery of authorship, when dull Nothing replies to our anxious invocations. Have you thought of a story? I was asked each morning, and each morning I was forced to reply with a mortifying negative….’ /Mary Shelley/

“The sudden change of ambiance in a street within the space of a few meters;the evident division of a city into zones of distinct psychic atmospheres;the path of least resistance which is automatically followed in aimless strolls (and which has no relation to the physical contour of the ground);the appealing or repelling character of certain places-all this seems to be neglected. ” /Guy Debord/

‘The remarkable thing about monuments is that one does not notice them. There is nothing in the world so invisible as a monument.’ /Robert Musil/

Burgin, V. (1996) In Different Spaces: Place and Memory in Visual Culture, London – Berkeley, Los Angeles: University of California Press.

‘Lost Between Stations: 2’ (Matthew Clegg / Brian Lewis)
‘Cortege’ (Hondartza Fraga / Rob Hindle)
‘Season Below Ground’ (Kelvin Corcoran / Brian Lewis)
‘Skin’ (Karl Hurst / Chris Jones)
‘Parts 1 Through 6’ (Millie Marten)


2 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Hi there, This project looks fascinating. I wonder if you would be willing to showcase some of your work at a conference I am co-organising on 11th/12th July in Leeds around themes of Media & Place? If this sounds like something you’d be interested in please get in touch with me via email (z.thompson@leedsmet.ac.uk).

    Many thanks,

    • Hello Zoe – thanks for your kind words. I’m one one the mentors and the organiser of the project. We’d love to contribute to the conference. It would be good to talk with you about what might be involved. You can contact me at emmazcbolland@gmail.com I’ve emailed you at the above address too.

      Best Wishes

      Emma Bolland

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