Nigel Stone reads from the ‘Place and Memory’ book May 2014

photo 1-3

Work being installed for the book launch, May 2014

As the final evaluation report is filed with those institutions that have so generously supported the Place & Memory project, we would like to thank all of the artists for their outstanding work and the commitment that they showed to one another throughout their time working with us. As mentors we have learned so much through working with the Place and Memory artists and we know that Amanda Burton, Charys Ellmer, Donna Coleman, Sarah Deakin, Sandy Holden, Lorna Johnstone, Morticia and Nigel Stone will continue to develop and make amazing work.

The Place & Memory book, an image / text ‘poem of the city’ incorporating work from each of the artists , is available from the Gordian Press website.

Place and Memory books

The Place and Memory book

Whilst this may be the official end for the project, we will continue to post updates about all the artists, their new work, exhibitions, publications and achievements, so don’t go away!

In the meantime, thank you all for following the progress of the project, its been a privilege.

The Place and Memory Mentors:

Judit Bodor, Emma Bolland, Brian Lewis and Tom Rodgers. X




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