subwayThe place I am researching as part of this project is more of a journey, and the first photo, Subway, is a snap of the start of that journey. Unless you want to risk crossing the busy A64 road, the subway is probably the safest way to start the journey; although some might argue that, depending on the time of day or night, the subway itself can be a risky journey. What I love most about this shot, is the light at the end of the tunnel; which was a fortuitous consequence of taking the picture with my cheap mobile phone. For me, the light emphasises the idea I had, of leaving one world behind, and entering another.


The second photo, Bridge, was taken at a junction in my journey. My work often explores the concept of borders and gateways; both geographical and metaphorical, and this bridge marks such a geographical border. The houses you can see are situated on the very edge of the council estate I grew up in. The bridge crosses a beck. Once you are on the other side of the beck, you enter a far more rural environment.


Having taken the second photo, I then turned around on the spot, and took the third photo, Path. Whilst the path does lead somewhere, it was always much, much more than a means to an end, when I was young. It was ‘enemy territory’. It was the way out of ‘the Shire’. It was an escape into imagination.

There is another photo, not included here.
It is a photo which breaks my heart,
and I hope to include it at some point in the future …

Nigel Stone

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