Every time we turn our attention to something we don’t know,
we are doing research
/Robert Filliou/


We are not experts, we are only curious. The journey is messy though at the same time systematic. After the first three weeks of getting used to each other in the fantastic space that is Inkwell, it is time to pick up tools, go outside and play!

Each of the 8 artists chose a place in Leeds, which we will visit together during the next few weeks.

While the theme ‘place and memory’ is shared, the approach – and therefore the outcomes – will be very different. Starting points so far include interest in places with personal memories, the relationship between architecture and memory, imagined places, constructed places, liminal places, edge lands, borders and boundaries. Audio-visual recording, photographic documentation, drawing, writing, private and group discussions, archival and library research will all be part of the process and findings will be shared through this blog. Group discussions about issues of curating, collaboration, critical writing, artists’ books and films will help us engaging critically with contemporary art practice.

Through doing and making things together we try to understand the world around us. Though the process is physically and emotionally exhausting there is always the underlying excitement of what we do next and the reassuring thought that someone is there to catch you if you fall. We slowly teach ourselves how to listen, hear, respond, communicate, be patient, be brave … very simply, how to be with each other.

Judit Bodor

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